Tutorials Submission

Important Dates

Submission: January 14, 2005
Notification: February 28, 2005


Proposals are solicited for tutorials on topics that cover all aspects of dependability. Candidate topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Theory and practice of dependable system design
  • Hardware and software dependability techniques
  • Dependability assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Field data acquisitions and analysis
  • Dependable user interfaces
  • Dependability of requirements and/or specifications
  • Other important emerging technical areas
Tutorials about real-world systems in which the instructional material regards what actually happens in product and system development, as opposed to what happens in the research laboratory, are particularly welcome. Also encourage are demonstrations of how techniques and tools from one area of dependability can be applied to others, such as fault tolerance to information assurance, safety, autonomic systems or autonomous diagnosis.
Tutorials should present a well-defined area with sufficient background, motivation, clarity and depth to enable the attendees to acquire a basic familiarity with the topic. Appropriate supporting materials should accompany presentations. Tutorial submissions are limited to 5 pages and should include the following:
  • Description of the topic
  • Structure of the tutorial
  • Expected background of the audience
  • Proposed supporting materials
  • Brief resume or biographical sketch of the presenter
Please submit all contributions to Tutorials Chair (Zbigniew Kalbarczyk <[email protected]>) by E-mail as Portable Document Format (.pdf), or Post Script (.ps) files.
Send to Tutorials Chair (Zbigniew Kalbarczyk <[email protected]>)